Program GSM 2020




G0102 Welcome by the symposium chair:  Christoph Imboden
G0103 Welcome by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE:  Stefan Oberholzer


Market developments and international collaborations I 

G0201 Keynote: EU energy transition – the ETIP SNET roadmap for flexibility Active demand, flexible generation, conversion and storage of energy carriers, network technologies:  Guido Guida
G0202 DSO TSO cooperation: field report from the GOPACS project:  Klaas Hommes


Market developments and international collaborations II

G0301 Renewables and their financial risk landscape:  Thomas Kammann
G0302 Future-proofing the EU energy system towards 2030:  Johannes Henkel
G0303 Update on the implementation of the European balancing platforms:  David Steber
G0304 “Loop-flows, redispatch and bidding-zone splits: What’s the part of German Energiewende in it?”:  Thaddäus Kreisig




Market developments and international collaborations III

G0501 Balancing markets and DERs in the Italian regulatory framework: Insights on the UVAM case study:  Arianna Rossi
G0502 Flexibility aggregation for ancillary services in the Czech Republic:  Stanislav Chvala
G0503 Implementing better framework conditions for new players in the flexibility market:  Helle Juhler-Verdoner
G0504 Poster Impact of COVID-19 on the demand curves of Croatia and region:  Igor Vidić
G0505 Poster Integration of voluntary Flexibility at Runtime:  Philipp Graf


Operation and enabling technologies I

G0601 Accelerating the European energy transition with digital:  Maher Chebbo
G0602 Impacts of peer-to-peer trading on wind energy curtailment in constrained distribution networks:  Ivana Kockar
G0603 Active distribution grid management: A decentralized approach for the management of flexibility options:  Michael Merz
G0604 Simple and efficient implementation of local energy markets:  Thomas Walter


Operation and enabling technologies II

G0701 Options for the implementation of fast control reserves in the Continental European power system:  Alexander Stimmer, Marin Lenz, Manuel Froschauer
G0702 Improving grid networks operational decision support & vegetation management practices using Hi-resolution weather models:  Mark Stephens-Row
G0703 Poster Benefits of multi-voltage-level grid control in future distribution grids:  Wolfgang Biener
G0704 Poster Forecasting and optimization approaches utilized for simulating a hybrid district heating network:  Lukas Gnam
G0705 Poster Readiness of short-term load forecasting methods for their deployment on company level:  Thilo Walser


VPP and advanced technologies I

G0801 The European market monitor for demand side flexibility:  Phillipa Hardy
G0802 How virtual power plants enable renewable grid integration:  Jan Aengenvoort
G0803 Trade with local flexibility to resolve transmission bottlenecks in Denmark:  Thomas Dalgas Rasmussen


VPP and advanced technologies II

G0901 Converting wastes efficiently and flexibly for grid-balancing services and sector coupling:  Ligang Wang
G0902 SOFC’s, fuel flexible, easy to modulate, reversible and future proof:  Jan-Willem Tolkamp
G0903 Opportunities and challenges for water electrolysers to participate in grid services:  Stéphanie Crevon
G0904 Panel discussion: business-potentials & technology-challenges




Advanced technologies providing flexibility

G1101 Perspectives for flexibility in the German electricity system:  Stefan Mischinger
G1102 Water electrolysers for electricity grid services – dynamics, advantages and disadvantages of different types of electrolysers:  K. Andreas Friedrich
G1103 Frequency control by run-of-river hydropower: a case study on energetic and economic potentials:  Bastian Hase
G1104 Hydro storage as enabler of energy transition:  Peter Bauhofer
G1105 Opportunities for CHP plants providing flexibility:  Filippo Bovera
G1106 Poster Renewables delivering capacity reserves in Denmark:  Thomas Dalgas Rasmussen
G1108 The key role of distributed generation in system and grids efficiency:  Alexandra Tudoroiu
G1109 Closing Summary & GSM award “Audience Award”:  Christoph Imboden


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